Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I create multiple accounts?

First, do you have one billing address for all locations?
If yes, simply create additional shipping locations by:

1. Log into your account and scroll to Contact Records and click "Add New Contact"

2. Select "Contact Type" as "Shipping" and fill out the information for the new shipping contact

• You can shop for each individual location, with it’s own cart. Click on "Locations" in your Account Management Portal to select the location to shop for.


Q: How do I track a package?

• Visit or,

• Look for the "Track an order" link at the top of the website


Q: How do I process a return?

Visit for information.


Q: Where do I find invoices?

1. Log into your account managment portal

2. Click "Account History" in the account menu

3. Select the "Invoices" tab


Q: Who do I contact if I have issues with a shipment/order?

Please contact [email protected]


Q: How do I get approved for brands that are not part of the automatic approval?

Reach out to your CPR team at [email protected] and request for application on the brands you are interested in


Q: How do I set up my net terms?

Contact Aaron Bower at [email protected] or at (970) 699-5280 for assistance.


Q: Can I use a credit card instead of net terms offered?

Yes, you can! Simply:

• Log into your account managment portal

• In your "Account Profile", look for "Add New Card" in the "Credit Cards on File" section


Q: When can I expect my order?

You can easily track your order by logging in and selecting the invoice you'd like to track in "Account History". Our goal is to ship your orders out of our warehouse as quickly as possible


Q: How do I check my balance on the account?

1. Login and view your "Account History"

2. Select the "Invoice" tab

3. You can check between "Paid"or "Unpaid" invoice status and the total is tallied on the bottom of the sheet.


Q: Where can I locate product media assets for training?

• Brand Landing Pages: Clicking on a brand logo while browsing our product selections will take you to a page dedicated to that brand. Locate the "Resource Center" to access media assets.

• Product Details Page: While viewing product details, locate product information and available assets under the product image.

• Account Management Portal: After logging into your account at, click on the "Media" button in the account menu to access an asset library.


Q: Where can I access digital merchandising media?


Q: How do I add to my Favorites?

1. When logged in, click on the "★[star]" in a product's description, in the Quantity box.

2. View or click on "Favorites" at the top of the website or in your Account Management Portal to access your collection.