Stock Rotation


For Stock Rotation you simply complete the attached template. It's a basic excel sheet where you can add the parts and quantities you wish to return.

Download Stock Rotation Request Template Excel Sheet


Once you complete, kindly send it to [email protected] so that we all have eyes on it, and please remember to add the location address associated with the return.

Just a few things:

  • The way stock rotation is calculated is; our Sales Support takes a total of your invoice amounts and adds them up for the last 90 days. A store is eligible to return up to 20% of the total amount.
  • The items that are returned, must be in new condition. No rips or tears, no stickers or residue, not sun-faded, etc.
  • They must include the RMA that our Sales Support will provide, so kindly hold your items until you hear back from us.

Item Eligibility Logic

  • The return request must not exceed 20% of purchases over the past 90 days
  • Individual SKU’s in the RMA are judged as follows:
  • Is the SKU Discontinued or not?
    • If not discontinued by the brand or VC, it’s eligible to return
    • If yes, it is discontinued, then:
      • Has that SKU been purchased in the last 90 days?
      • Yes – Eligible for return
      • No – Not eligible for return
  • Is the product or packaging damaged?
    • Yes – Do not send to VoiceComm, it will be discarded. Sell in-store at a discount
    • No – Eligible for return and can be added to the RMA request
  • What is damaged packaging?
    • Anything that does not appear brand new
      • Broken hang tabs
      • Excessive scratching
      • Price Stickers
      • Sticker residue
      • Torn packaging
      • Missing pieces
      • Opened 
      • Sun faded
  • VoiceComm must be able to return the items to the brands or sell the returned items to anyone else as brand new.
  • Rule of Thumb Question: If VoiceComm shipped this product to me, would I accept it as brand new?
    • Yes – Return to VoiceComm
    • No – Please do not return

Please note that stock rotation is not eligible on Special Order items or items that have been discontinued by the brand or VoiceComm.


If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to assist!