Selling Power of Brands

Boost Sales with Leading Consumer Brands

Why brand names matter for you


Top brand names resonate

with customers in various retail settings.


Brand names command higher ASPs

which leads to higher dollar margins and revenue dollars for CPR franchisees.


Recognizable brands lead to higher consumer trust

and in-store purchasing action and create a positive retail experience for customers.

CPR's accessory catalog, powered by VoiceComm, is jam-packed with trusted brand names your customers are looking for.

JBL: Top Selling Bluetooth Speakers Otterbox: #1 Case brand by dollar volumn PopSocket: Top Selling Impluse Accessory Speck: Top 5 case brand by dollar volumn JBL: Top 5 case brand by dollar volumn

*The NPD Group/US Tech POS Monthly/Data 12ME Mar'22

Don't miss out on incremental sales from your customer base. Expand your lineup with brand name selections.